What skills to put on a resume

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It can also be noted that there is something philosophical in the essay. Many interpret this fact as a literary-critical direction. Also, the essay can be attributed to the historical – bibliographic direction. Experts say that often in the essay can be traced ease, and sometimes, the paradox of sayings. Also, do not be afraid to write an essay in conversational genre. This does not mean that it is absolutely necessary to have a dialogue in it with oneself. But the simplicity of thought is only welcome here, which makes the essay related to the spoken direction.

If you are told to write an essay, you should be able to distinguish it by the following characteristic features:

Reasoning is conducted on a specific issue or topic. For example, an essay cannot relate to a topic — the sky itself. It can tell about why the sky is blue or what processes can occur in the sky during a thunderstorm and what the author thinks about it.

Essay is not written on a wide range of issues. It affects only part of some area.

The essay describes the author’s specific impressions or thoughts.

The essay can not be challenged for the expression of certain considerations. Let’s not forget that this is a free form.

In the essay should be clearly visible relevance of thought. For example, if you are writing an essay on a literary work, then you should not discuss the opinion of a critic about the work. You can only express your opinion, or simply compare it with the opinion of another critic.

A well-written essay assesses the identity of the author, his attitude towards certain things.

In itself, the concept of “essay” came to Russia from France. There it is literally translated as – experience, sample, attempt or sketch. If we turn to Wikipedia, then the definition of the essay is clearly described. This essay or essay in a free literary form. With the help of an essay, you can describe in detail some phenomenon, relying only on your thoughts and feelings. The essay is not required to provide any clear evidence or express someone else’s opinion. This essay requires you to describe your vision of a particular subject area.

Essay has nothing to do with scientific research. It does not describe the problems of society, religion, politics, and so on. This is a completely free area where the student or student can focus only on himself.