How to upload resume on linkedin

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What is better to write in the essay;

In the essay should use more examples, preferably from real life with real people. It is proved that when you focus on examples, the information is better absorbed by the reader, since his imagination is turned on and he imagines real pictures of what happened.

You can add a little humor. This is primarily evidence of the courage of the candidate. He is not afraid to go beyond the usual acceptable limits. He just goes his own way and absolutely realistically describes his thoughts, not devoid of irony.

And the last – do not be afraid to be honest. Duty and insincerity of thoughts can be seen immediately. Such applicants are considered pious and uninteresting. But if you want to make a positive impression, then always write the truth, but at the same time adhere to ethical standards. For example. It is not necessary to write about the fact that you left the previous place of work, because your boss obviously irritated you and made you mad.

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