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It can also be noted that there is something philosophical in the essay. Many interpret this fact as a literary-critical direction. Also, the essay can be attributed to the historical – bibliographic direction. Experts say that often in the essay can be traced ease, and sometimes, the paradox of sayings. Also, do not be afraid to write an essay in conversational genre. This does not mean that it is absolutely necessary to have a dialogue in it with oneself. But the simplicity of thought is only welcome here, which makes the essay related to the spoken direction.

If you are told to write an essay, you should be able to distinguish it by the following characteristic features:

Reasoning is conducted on a specific issue or topic. For example, an essay cannot relate to a topic — the sky itself. It can tell about why the sky is blue or what processes can occur in the sky during a thunderstorm and what the author thinks about it.

Essay is not written on a wide range of issues. It affects only part of some area.

The essay describes the author’s specific impressions or thoughts.

The essay can not be challenged for the expression of certain considerations. Let’s not forget that this is a free form.

In the essay should be clearly visible relevance of thought. For example, if you are writing an essay on a literary work, then you should not discuss the opinion of a critic about the work. You can only express your opinion, or simply compare it with the opinion of another critic.

A well-written essay assesses the identity of the author, his attitude towards certain things.

In itself, the concept of “essay” came to Russia from France. There it is literally translated as – experience, sample, attempt or sketch. If we turn to Wikipedia, then the definition of the essay is clearly described. This essay or essay in a free literary form. With the help of an essay, you can describe in detail some phenomenon, relying only on your thoughts and feelings. The essay is not required to provide any clear evidence or express someone else’s opinion. This essay requires you to describe your vision of a particular subject area.

Essay has nothing to do with scientific research. It does not describe the problems of society, religion, politics, and so on. This is a completely free area where the student or student can focus only on himself.

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It should also be noted that both in the introduction and in the conclusion, attention should be clearly focused on the problem. In the introduction, the problem should be described, and in the conclusion a summary is given on how to solve it. The essay should be divided into paragraphs of 3-4 sentences. Red lines are used, a clear link is established between paragraphs. It is necessary to achieve the integrity of the work how to write a resume summary.

In what style should the essay be written

There are no clear requirements for the essay style. Depending on what topic the work is written. If we consider the most inherent styles for an essay, then we can distinguish an artistic style with notes of emotionality and even expression. This can be achieved by using short sentences with different intonations. With the help of well-chosen style, you can fully describe your personality to the reader.

For those who are planning to write an essay, we have prepared a list of questions that you will need to answer. They will help you figure out whether you can write an essay yourself or better yet order it from our company.

The structure of the essay depends entirely on what demands are made on it. But there are two features that must be taken into account when writing such a work.

Firstly, this is what the author’s thought should be presented in the form of small sketches interlaced with each other. Secondly, each sketch must have a rationale, so that there is a clear idea of ​​what the author says.

Many schoolchildren and students often ask questions – what to write in an essay? The essay may contain facts, phenomena from public sources, some events from life. The best way to use this approach is one conclusion and three rationales for it. Thus, the essay will receive a certain ring-shaped structure. In the end, it will look like this:

Typical essay plan


Theses and arguments;


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If you decide to order an essay in our company, then you should formulate a task for the author to avoid misunderstandings. The essay may be of different types. For example, in many universities it is customary to divide the essay by content, by presentation form, and also by other basic parameters. Let us consider in more detail what types of essays are performed by our authors, and what are the fundamental differences between them.

So, let’s start with a description of the essay on the content.

The literary essay does not describe the biography of the author or his creative path. In this type of essay, the author’s attitude toward the studied area is considered more.

Philosophical essay fully describes the meaning of life within the subject area. It can tell about the life of people, about death, about finding the truth, about good and evil deeds and attitude towards them. Here it is completely unimportant to what professional field the author of the essay belongs. The main feature of such a work is the presence of a clearly expressed philosophical judgment bordering on the criticism of a particular problem.

Organizational and managerial essay is one of the most popular types of work. Especially often used in management science and management. In such an essay, a certain activity is evaluated. It is possible that the author of the essay will be provided with certain evaluation criteria and according to them he should characterize the activities of an employee of the enterprise, or an entire operational direction. This type of essay is written more in cases where it is impossible to express the assessment using other methods. The purpose of such an essay is to identify critical problems in a particular area and take steps to eliminate them.

The scientific essay is often called journalistic. Also this kind of essay can be called a scientific essay. Here the characteristic features are the free and relaxed manner of narration. You can even say that such an essay is a way to speak out.

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What is better to write in the essay;

In the essay should use more examples, preferably from real life with real people. It is proved that when you focus on examples, the information is better absorbed by the reader, since his imagination is turned on and he imagines real pictures of what happened.

You can add a little humor. This is primarily evidence of the courage of the candidate. He is not afraid to go beyond the usual acceptable limits. He just goes his own way and absolutely realistically describes his thoughts, not devoid of irony.

And the last – do not be afraid to be honest. Duty and insincerity of thoughts can be seen immediately. Such applicants are considered pious and uninteresting. But if you want to make a positive impression, then always write the truth, but at the same time adhere to ethical standards. For example. It is not necessary to write about the fact that you left the previous place of work, because your boss obviously irritated you and made you mad.

But if you want to combine all these recommendations into a single whole, and at the same time do not miss anything, then you should order an essay from us in the company. It is simple, profitable and fast.

It is very simple to order an essay; the choice of companies that are ready to take with you your hard-earned money is infinitely large. However, not everyone is ready to fulfill their obligations in full, i.e. write the author’s essay and at the same time comply with all requirements and standards of registration

We will tell you about the average prices for essays in some of the most popular runet companies. Companies are selected from our rating so we will not unequivocally claim to objectivity, although students and students who ordered an essay write reviews, but there is a certain error depending on the season. In spring and autumn, the cost of ordering an essay will be significantly higher than in summer or winter. So, below is a brief description of the services where you can order student help or writing an essay.

What skills to put on resume

Also, for writing an resume will require certain sources. These can be biographies, documents, articles and more. Also, the customer is often required to apply the guidelines that should be provided at the university.

When placing an order, you also indicate the requirements that you consider necessary to indicate to your author. If you need to write some non-standard work that does not fit into the usual framework, then the price, of course, will be higher, so the requirements for the essay should be complete but not excessive, so as not to overpay for complexity.

In general, there is no standard price for an essay and the volume and complexity of the work is always taken into account. For example, the average volume of an essay is 3-4 pages. But in some universities, they need up to 10 pages. And the complexity is determined on the basis of the topic, how rare it is and it has not been thoroughly studied, or it is too eaten and it will be difficult to write original material.

Also, the price is affected by the terms of writing the resume. Normal standard terms for our company – a week. But you can place an urgent order by specifying it in your application. In any case, the final price of writing an essay will be announced to you almost immediately after the formation of the application on the company’s website. You can also create a request by phone. So, we will sort some top services.

The question of how much it costs to order an essay concerns everyone who has decided to order this work from us. Immediately it should be noted that the question of cost is a purely individual question. Moreover, it concerns not only, but also other works. So, an essay is an analytical literary work that is written by students or job seekers. Also in recent years, schoolchildren have been asked to write an essay in order to bring them as close as possible to modern life. In Europe, this type of work is very popular; it is not essays that are written here but essays, although the works are very similar.

What is usually included in the order of the essay and how the price is formed

An essay is an uncomplicated type of written work, but a lot of factors should be taken into account when writing. For example, the reader of your essay first of all wants to understand what kind of person you are, what position you take in relation to the topic in question, and how you know the literary language. Agree that not all teachers just give a rating without reading, many thoroughly study the essence of what you provide them and if the essay is downloaded or not on the topic, then most likely they will be sent for re-training, and with spoiled karma.